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Our Mission

With the popularity of converted cargo containers ever on the increase, our business increases as well and, our most important goal here at Absolute Containers has always been to provide our customers with the best, top quality converted containers at the most competitive prices. At Absolute Containers, it’s not just about competitive prices but the quality of our conversions that’s most important. Our promise of top shelf converted containers is of paramount importance to us and takes precedence in our core values.

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Our Core Values

Expert Knowledge
At Absolute Containers you can rely and depend on our expertise in creating a converted container specifically suited to your needs.
• Immediate attention to your needs
You, our valued customer, are our most valuable asset. At Absolute Containers, your needs come first.
• Fast and Friendly service
Expediency and courtesy is what you can always expect from us.
Not yours but ours. Regardless of your varied needs, we can meet them in an efficient and timely manner.
Unlike many container conversion businesses, Absolute Containers can customise a container for you, creating exactly what you need.
Ask any of our regular customers the reason why they rely on us and the answer would be simple. Reliability is what makes Absolute Containers the preferred choice in trailer conversions.
Nationwide Delivery
Can’t collect your converted trailer yourself? No problem! Whether you live in Beitbridge or Capetown, we’ll deliver right to your doorstep, so to speak.

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Fulfilling in your container need is our business pleasure!

Expertise, reliability, professionalism and courtesy. These are qualities that you can expect from a company with years of industry experience. Since our inception we have strived to become the most sought-after container conversion company in South Africa and, with our wide variety of conversions, we have accomplished exactly that.

Construction & Engineering Awards Winner 2016 | Absolute Containers

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