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Absolute Container Containers
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Shipping Container Accommodation

Shipping container accommodation is an affordable form of accommodation that uses steel intermodal containers, otherwise known as shipping containers. Containers as use for affordable accommodation has grown immensely in popularity over the last decade. Shipping container homes provides durable strength against the elements, is widely available and relatively low cost. Recently, shipping container accommodation has also come to be known as more eco-friendly accommodation, than traditional building materials.

The advantages of shipping container homes are plenty, whilst the disadvantages are considerably less. Shipping Container accommodation is also not only known for their strength and durability, but provides modular elements that can be combined into much larger structures. All shipping containers are designed to have the same width, most with two standard height and length measurements. As such, shipping containers can be stacked on each other in high columns, thus making for spacious and reliable container accommodation. When empty, up to twelve shipping containers can be stacked in height.

Available across the globe, shipping container accommodation has become a trend for those seeking a cheaper alternative to living costs. Yet only at Absolute Containers, can you be sure of quality containers for your money’s worth!

Shipping container accommodation is ideal for both short and long term accommodation needs. With secure foundations, eco-friendly features and easy transport abilities, it’s no wonder container have become the preferred choice for affordable accommodation alternatives.

Strong, durable, movable, plentiful, cuttable and relatively cheap, both architects and laymen are realizing the beauty in shipping container accommodation. In today’s economy, South Africans have no choice but to rationalize and look for more affordable means of living.

There are a number of factors driving accommodation costs through the roof. Availability of housing finance, compared to the strong psychological desire to be a home owner, it is nothing but beneficial to embark on getting your very own shipping container accommodation today!

   Shipping Container Accommodation Shipping Container Accommodation Shipping Container Accommodation

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