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Park Homes / Mobile Homes

These units are available in both standard rental and purchase options. Their aesthetically pleasing finish makes it ideal for a more executive look. The extra width(3m wide) makes the units ideal for boardrooms and classrooms

Features and Benefits (Single or Multi-Slice)
• Easily transported
• Little or no site preparation.
• Quick delivery.
• 100% re-locatable.
• Complete turnkey projects.

• Residential Units
• Accommodation Units
• Classroom Units
• Executive Class Office Units
• Boardrooms

Standard Optional Extras (anything else required can also be supplied)

• Exterior skirting
• Fly-screens for windows and doors.
• Air Conditioners.
• Double Wide units are 6m Wide and come in the same lengths.
• Multi-slice Units will give you most combinations you can think of.

• Electrics
Units are wired for 220 volt supply in accordance to SABS 0142:1987.

• Plumbing
Low theft SABS approved plastic piping is used for water supply and PVC for sewerage and waste water.

• Windows
Anodised Aluminium top-hung windows fitted with 4mm thick glass, burglar guards and blinds.

• Doors
We use the cut-out framed with specially formed Aluminium sections with rubber gasket and 3 lever locks.

Park home inside Parkhome

General Specifications

• Chassis and Floor
Steel Chassis is 275mmx65x20x3mm Lip Channel at 1600mm centres with 75mmx50mmx20mmx2mm Lip Channel at 600mm centres painted with primer and black top-coat with chassis lengths of up to 18m. An 18mm Plywood Timber Base is screwed to the steel chassis using self drilling self-tapping screws at 400mm centres.

• Roof and Ceiling
The 5deg pitched roof is constructed from a 50mm Polystyrene Core composite panel with Colour Coated 0.47mm Zincalume on both sides with an IBR Profile on Top.. Floor to ceiling height - 2400mm

• Sidewalls
The walls consist of a 50mm 16DV Polystyrene Core with 0.47mm Colour Coated Zincalume on both sides,

Units come in Single, Double-Wide and Multi-Slice Units.

Single Wide units are 3m Wide and come in 6m, 9.6m, 12m, 15m and 18m Variants.

These units are also available as double wides(6m width) for those who require the additional space.

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