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Concrete Slab Specifications

Typical Design and Installation for a Concrete Slab.

Step 1: Frame

It does depend on site conditions. so you will need to get engineer approval.

You can build the slab from 20-25MPA concrete from 100 to 200mm thick.

Put in frame

The edges of the slab should be thickened as shown above with a raft foundation of +- 400x400mm.

This is usually done after the frame is installed by digging out along the edge.

Step 2 : Steel Mesh

Install steel mesh (usually Ref 193mm) throughout the concrete slab with extra in the raft foundation.

Step 3 : Poor Concrete

With expansion joints we typically put at 6m intervals.

Please ensure that the slab is floated - nice a smooth otherwise it will have to be screeded again before the

vinyl flooring is laid.

Step 4 : Erect Building

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