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Panel System Specifications

Wall Panels

Smooth or Fluted:

Skin: Pre-coated Galvanised Steel with a silicone polyester coating of 0.5 mm on the outside and 0.5 mm on the inside.

Insulation: Polystyrene 16DV self extinguishing 50mm thick.

U Value: 0.55 W / M2 degrees centigrade.

Dimensions: 1150mm X 2 450 mm standard with various lengths available.

Water Absorption: Negligible


• Skin: Pre-coated Galvanised Steel with a silicone polyester coating of 0.47mm on the outside and 0.47 mm on the inside.

• Insulation: Polystyrene 14DV self-extinguishing average 50mm thick. (multiple thicknesses available)

• U Value: 0.55 W / M2 degrees centigrade.

• Roof is usually vaulted at 5deg with no need for trusses and purlins.

• Where required a conventional roof can be supplied on steel trusses.

Insulation Choices

• Standard is EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) with various thicknesses available.

• Polyurethane insulation is available if higher insulation value is required and thickness of the wall needs to be limited.

• Rockwool or PolyPhen insulation is available where high fire ratings are required.


• You have the choice to choose between Steel, Aluminium, PVC or Timber.

• Most clients choose Aluminium windows because of its aesthetic appeal, durability and low maintenance. Absolute manufactures a clip in system especially designed for prefabricated buildings.


• 50 mm Chromadek high density foam doors with three lever Mortise lock on outside doors.

• Hollow core wooden door with 3 lever locks for internal doors.

• Other options like emergency doors are available.

• Electrical Sliding and Standard Cold-Room Doors


• Floors are fully customisable built on concrete slab or steel chassis. (see concrete specifications).

• Steel Chassis is 275mmx65x20x3mm Lip Channel at 1600mm centres with 75mmx50mmx20mmx2mm Lip Channel at 600mm centres painted with primer and black top-coat with chassis lengths of up to 18m. An 18mm Plywood Timber Base is screwed to the steel chassis using self-drilling self-tapping screws at 400mm centres.

• Light Steel Framing can be used for floors that are more permanent.

• Floor covers include carpets, vynl tiles, vynl sheeting, polyurethane and ceramic tiles.

Electrical & Plumbing

• All our electrical and plumbing services are SABS compliant and we adhere to your specifications and requirements.

Air Conditioners

• We can supply window wall or split Air-Conditioners.

• We usually supply Hisense Air Conditioners.

Other Components

You can be assured that we install only the highest quality fittings such as stoves and light fixtures. Furniture is also supplied based exactly on your requirements!

Just tell us what you want and we’ll get it for you!

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