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Units can be built on Concrete Slabs

Or Absolute Can Supply Modular Light Steel Frame Chassis Options

Office Block.JPG

This is especially useful when the site has to be rehabilitated as there is much less to do on site once the structures have been removed. Our flexibly allows us to export into Africa where units have been supplied for a variety of uses.

Freezer / Cold Room and Office Combination in Equatorial Guinee.

Built on Chassis.jpg Freezer and Office EG.jpg Urinal.JPG Village.jpg Bedroom.jpg Lounge.JPG

Accommodation Village where camps for 500+ have been completed in 4 months. Camps have also been very effectively relocated.

1000m2 Office Complex with Open Plan Central Area at Medupi

Open Plan.JPG Toilet.JPG Shower.JPG Garage.jpg

Units have been built for garages or Storage Units.

Absolute Containers can offer units
• Complete as a Turn Key Project or in
• Kit Form on a Self-Build Basis

Generally units are shipped to sites in shipping containers after which our team of assemblers will erect the units on site or if you prefer erecting the unit yourself, you can do so. Should you wish, we can send one of our supervisors to guide and assist you.

Pre-Fabricated Buildings: Projects

Units are built to exacting specifications allowing the advantages in transport of a modular system, whilst giving you the cost and speed advantage of a pre-fabricated building.

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