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Shipping Container Conversions

The flexibility of containers has been proven in so many applications, with Absolute Container’s helping customers achieve a variety of specialised solutions.

It doesn’t matter what your space needs are; we can supply you a purpose built, customised 3m, 6m or 12m shipping container. Your container will be professionally converted for your specific needs and you can rest assured that you’ll only receive the highest quality of workmanship; and fantastic service!

There is no need to meet clients and negotiate deals under the tree just because your office has temporarily moved to the construction or mining site.

Move your traditional office into a fully converted and customised on- site shipping container. This way, you and your workers can perform the same functions as if you were in the office.

Allow yourself and your staff to be 100% productive!

Container Conversions1.jpg Standard Office.JPG Container with Shelves.jpg

Insulated Executive Site Office with Air Conditioner and Insulation


A great way to store your archived material or spare parts.

We understand that trying to file and sort out the mess is difficult, especially if there are other pressing issues to deal with. No worries.

Absolute Containers will lift the storage burden off your shoulders and provide a short or long-term storage solution.

Ablution Shipping Containers or Kitchen Units

Container Conversions4.jpgKitchen.jpg

Mobile Ablution Blocks or Kitchen / Dining Room Containers are also high in demand for building, construction and mining sites.

Computer Learning Centre IT Shipping Container with Solar Panels

Containers supplied for learners so that access to computers and the internet is available to disadvantaged communities in a Solar Powered Internet School.

Internet School.jpg IT School.jpg

MCC / PCB Control Room Shipping Containers

Fast modular solutions for the mining industry to allow them to have re-locatable switchgear.

Units are 12m x 4.8m (double wide) and have an additional roof on top. Insulation options are EPS for standard applications or Rockwool and Polyphin where a fire rating is required.

So many different customised options have been supplied by Absolute Containers that we are sure that if we haven’t already done something similar, we will be able to find a solution for you.

Mobile Workshop Shipping Container

Shipping Container with built in gantry and other workshop equipment giving our client an instant re-locatable workshop.

office cam 14may2010 087.jpg Roof.jpg
Hazardous Materials Shipping Container

Containers designed for storage of hazardous material such as gas and paint with bunded floors to ensure no environmentally unfriendly material escapes.

Gas Store.jpg

Access Control Shipping Container

Ensure your site is adequately controlled with no unwanted guests using our turnstile container.

Container Conversions5.jpg

Shipping Container Laboratory

From a climate controlled aesthetically pleasing sterile laboratory to an industrial laboratory and all combinations in-between.


Shipping Container Waste Bins

Container Waste Bins for recycled paper or other waste material, is a cost effective robust way of dealing with mobile removable storage solutions.

Bins Side.jpg Bin End.jpg

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