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Shipping Containers To Hire

How to Hire a Shipping Container or Parkhome from us:























Are you looking to hire a storage container? Needing a temporary site office or ablution? Follow these 7 easy steps and hire a container or parkhome today!




























Step 1: Contact us or Request a Quote with your requirements.

Step 2: Our team will assist you with a quote that suits your needs i.e. Site office container with an aircon for hire or one without an aircon.

You can also see all our container and parkhome options below:

- Container Hire Prices

- Parkhome Hire Prices


























Step 4: Return your completed Lease Agreement. You can email it to the Sales Representative that helped you or to sales@acontainer.co.za









Step 5: Make full first months hire payment, refundable breakage deposit and return transport. Please send the POP to your Sales Representative or sales@acontainer.co.za

Step 6: Receive your Absolutely Awesome Hired Container or Parkhome.













Step 3: Receive your official quotation and Lease Agreement

Lease Agreement


   Basic 6m Container Office.pdf  

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