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"Everyone Should Have an Opportunity to Learn in a Positive Environment, to Enjoy the Learning Process, and Fell Comfortable and Content within it" - Barry Saide
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Converted Container Classrooms

Converted classrooms are a fast and flexible solution for schools struggling to keep up with increasing enrolments. Compared to the amounts of school going kids in the country, there simply isn’t enough classrooms. Building additional classrooms not only costs a lot of money but it takes time. There is, however, a far better solution. Absolute Containers, convert second-hand shipping containers and park homes into usable space such as housing, ablution facilities, guard houses and converted classrooms.

We supply purpose built, customised 3m, 6m or 12m shipping containers and park homes that will be professionally converted to your specific needs and requirements. These units are also available as single wide units (2.4-3m width) or double wide units (4.8-6m width) for those who require the additional space. Our converted classrooms can be fitted with all the amenities a normal classroom would have, this includes electricity and water connections, carpets and even a blackboard. Our converted classrooms are not only made from tough, durable steel and can be freestanding or mounted on a concrete foundation but are completely mobile and can be erected practically anywhere.

We believe in quality over quantity that’s why we employ only the best, most efficient and most expedient methods to produce our converted classrooms. Teachers need full access to school facilities in order to properly educate our children. Therefore, additional classrooms are not only a fast and flexible solution but also extremely beneficial for any future changes considering the benefits and mobility of these units.

single wide classroom units custom built converted classroom units double-wide-classroom-units

Features and Benefits of our Converted Classrooms

  • Made from tough, durable steel and completely sturdy
  • Completely mobile, can be erected in minutes
  • Available in many configurations such as single or double-wide
  • Extremely space effective and can be adjusted when needed
  • Fitted with all modern amenities such as water and electric connections, AC and even carpets
  • Can be freestanding or mounted on a concrete foundation
  • Can be fitted with slanted roofs, completely insulated with windows and doors
  • Purposely built and can be customised to suit a client’s needs and specifications
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