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Cold Rooms: Why we need themice Cube

Are cold-rooms important? Would you prefer a meal made from fresh veggies and meat? Well, how do you like your beer, hot or cold? And, if you’d rather have a cool drink, would you like some ice with that? Without cold rooms, none of these things will ever be prepared for you. You’ll never be able to enjoy an ice cold beer or an ice infused cool drink on a hot summer’s day or a big, juicy steak with a side of potatoes and freshly cut salad. Because, these food items are perishable and, in order to make them last longer, they need to be kept cool.



Years ago, cold room construction was an arduous process, involving a lot of materials and a lot of manpower but, today, it’s far easier to make. Today, many companies will use existing structures to fashion cold rooms like unused cargo containers. Due to their size and convenient rectangular shape, cargo containers can easily be converted into cold rooms and be placed anywhere inside or outside a building. In fact, besides cold rooms, containers can also be used for housing and even building underground structures.




Cold rooms, however, is an important item to have for any restaurant, hotel or business that needs to keep perishable items cold and, here at Absolute Containers, converting containers into cold rooms is one of our specialities. We convert containers into all types of useful structures like homes, site offices, ablution blocks and even guard houses but we are particularly proud of our abilities in converting containers into cold rooms and this particular skill makes us the top choice for SA’s restaurateurs and caterers.


Cold Rooms

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